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MSOE has normal support for UTF-8 both in message body and headers for a long time. To use UTF-8 for message sending please select in "Tools->Options->Send->International Settings->Default encoding" menu "Unicode UTF-8". Whatever encoding you use, please select in "Tools->Options->Send->News sending format" section MIME instead of "uuencode", so that outgoing messages would have "charset" label - otherwise receiver will have no means to see a message properly without manual charset guessing.

Email headers with special characters should be in =?=utf-8?... form as just 8 bit headers are non-standard and can be mangled by server side email programs. According new IETF drafts Usenet article headers should be in the same MIME form. Because of that please leave unchecked "allow 8-bit characters in headers". Please check "Tools->Options->Read->International Settings" if you see all messages in one encoding only. The "Use default encoding format for all incoming messages" checkbox should be unchecked. Outlook Express replies in the same encoding as original message by default. You can put "Encoding" menu into toolbar if you often change encodings when sending: when composing a message select "View->Toolbars->Customize", check "Encoding" on the left and by clicking "Add" move "Encoding" to the right, better to the top.

MS Outlook (MS Office)Microsoft      contents

Older versions of MS Outlook can show and quote UTF-8 messages, and starting from Office 2000 to send as well. To send UTF-8 messages sellect in "Tools->Options->Mail format->International Settings->Use this encoding for outgoing messages" menu "Unicode UTF-8". Because most received messages should have labeled for encoding, it isn't critical what encoding you will choose for "default encoding for unmarked messages".

The Bat!RitLabs      contents

The Bat! starting from version 1.45 can read UTF-8, however it viewer can only show symbols that are present system codepage for legacy programs. You can also select encoding manually by righ clicking over the message text and selecting "Character set->UTF-8".

Eudora for Windows v5Qualcomm      contents

Below is written about Windows version only, not about Mac Eudorą
Eudora for Windows v5 email program isn't suitable for international market. All outgoing messages it incorrectly labels by "iso-8859-1" that is used in Western Europe only. Anything else will look as a garbage for people reading such email. Avoid using it.

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