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* Welcome to X-LT Home Page ! *

XFree86, Linux, FreeBSD
bei Netscape browserio sulietuvinimas      and Netscape browser 4.5,4.6... Unix version lithuanization

Netscape ekrano vaizdas    Netscape browser screen snapshot

Download x-lt-2.07.tar.gz [200kb]:

Included: keymap, Unicode UTF-8 locale, utilities, installation scripts to setup TTF font directory for xfsft, script to add Baltic encodings to Netscape v4.5-4.x instead of Greek, long instructions about localization and internationalisation in English and Lithuanian and other stuff.
What is new in this version
Here are Debian specific instructions for UTF-8 locale


2UTF - kodavimų konverteris
Palaiko visas palaikomas iconv bibliotekos koduotes, taip pat visas senas WG-15 lokalių vieno baito koduotes'us (daugiau kaip 150), papildomos gali būti pridėtos be kompiliavimo. Gali perkoduoti MIME laiškus su dalimis esančiomis viena kitoje. Gali iškviesti kitas utilitas kai reikia perkoduoti senus kelių baitų kodavimus į Unikodą.
Dabartinė versija - 1.22.

2UTF - char-set conversion tool
Supports all charsets supported by iconv library and WG-15 locale single-byte legacy char-sets, new ones can be added without recompiling. Can decode nested multi-part MIME messages. Can invoke external filters for conversion of unsuported by iconv legacy char-sets to unicode.
current version is 1.22.
from metalab: Source [179kB].

GNU libiconv

Sukompiliuojame pagal instrukcijas esančias INSTALL file. Pažiūrime į /usr/local/etc/2UTF.config failą. Jei jums neužtenka libiconv palaikomų kodavimų ir pas jus sistemoje nėra tinkamų senų 8 bitų charset'ų aprašymų, galima atsisiųsti iš Sukuriame kešą kaip root: 2UTF --create-aliases. Patikriname veikimą: 2UTF -W windows-1257 UTF-8 terminale. Įdedame į ~/.procmailrc pradžią:

:0 c:

:0 fw
| 2UTF -i only

:0 ce:

-i only raktas nurodo konvertavimui naudoti tik iconv biblioteką ir nenaudoti konfigūracijos failo.  

Unicode el.pašte ir internete (lietuviškai) - Unicode Mutt ir kitkas

* Links: *

Linux Documentation Project, Vim, Mutt and other mirrors
UTF-8 & Unicode FAQ,   The Unicode HOWTO,   IBM Developer Works about Unicode
HTML i18n (internationalisation) - up-to-date mirror of various FTP sites. - FreeBSD mirror. also works.
Linux counter about some Linux users in Lithuania

Lietuviška e-pašto konferencijos apie įvairias OS. Siųskite laišką su žodžiais „subscribe os“, „subscribe os_bsd“, „subscribe os_linux“ laiško viduje į

* Some fonts and other resources: *


Yudit - easy to use Unicode editor for X. It has an utility to generate Postscript output for printing using True-Type fonts. Also has Lithuanian keymap and can use True-Type fonts for display.

Vim. Starting from v6 supports UTF-8 including combining characters. Vim screen snapshot Click to enlarge

mined - DOS style editor with UTF-8 support. Supports combining characters, CJK and BiDi. Mined screen snapshot

QEmacs - emacs style editor with UTF-8 support.

sted - simplistic Unicode editor for Linux console.

Latest version of XFree86 xterm as well as that included in XFree86 4 can handle UTF-8 if that feature wasn't disabled at compile time. It uses ISO 10646 (Unicode) fonts. Click to enlarge

'Less' pager from version 3.44 can display UTF-8.

There was patch by Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk for bash 2.02. I have modified it slightly to work with any terminal and bash-2.02.1, and later with bash 2.04 using version from Unicode HOWTO. Note that version from Unicode HOWTO is not mine and is unportable linux version.
Click here to download bash-2.04 patch. Use as follows:

gzip -dc bash-2.04.tar.gz |tar xf -
cd bash-2.04
bzip2 -dc ../bash-2.04.UTF-8.patch.bz2 |patch -p1
./configure        # you may want to use ./configure --prefix=/usr if you are on Linux
make install
It detects UTF-8 locale by searching for "UTF-8" substring in LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, LANG and MM_CHARSET environment variables in that order. enable-utf8-mode inputrc option is not used in this version - it is redundant.
Another bash patch is available from IBM developers site

Qt and KDE2 has Unicode and UTF-8 locale support for display. Here is a Qt 2.3.1 patch that allows printing of Unicode. Set K->Control Center->Personalization->Country and Language->Charset) iso10646-1 and for KDE 2.1.x only set Charset to utf-8 in ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals [Locale] section
Here is kxkb patch that allows to use default locale charset as Qt gets from environment it instead of setting it by kxkb to arbitrary value. Alternatively you can edit ~/.kde/share/config/kxkbrc and change all encoding names to UTF-8 or just delete encoding strings to use libc locale encoding (LANG and LC_.. variables) but you will need to repeat this every time you use kxkb configurator.

UTF-8 support is included in the GNU troff v1.16 used by man.

9term was first Unicode aware Plan 9 terminal emulator for X. It uses Plan 9 style Unicode fonts. Such text editors as Wily, Sam can use these fonts.

xfsft - font server for X (aka 'xfs' in RH6 or 'freetype' module in XFree86 4)
Supports True-Type Unicode and other fonts, can remap Unicode fonts to ISO-8859-*. 'xfs' binary [~210kb] or X server for FreeBSD or Linux you can download from here if you can't upgrade to XFree86 4. 'fonts.scale' is generated by separate ttmkfontdir utility.

XFree86 4.0 includes bitmap fonts and Bigelow & Holmes scalable Type1 postscript fonts with Lithuanian letters and reencoding capable software.

New XFree86 Render extention with antialiasing support. Still experimental at the time of XFree 4.02.

MSIE fontpack. Free of charge.
Includes most popular Monotype and Microsoft families. It is in .exe format however and you will need MS-Windows to unpack it.

Cyberbit True-Type Unicode font. Free for personal use.
It isn't available anymore from Bitstream but you can try Netscape site. Fonts in True-Type format can be used on various OS's.
Yudit can use these fonts.

Unicode Postscript fonts

Everson Mono Share-ware True-Type fonts:
Unicode (ISO 10646) mapping: Everson Mono 10646
Fonts in True-Type format can be used on various OS's.

Wprint is Netscape postscript postprocessor and can be used to print text in different encodings using Unicode True-Type fonts.

Linux i18n project by major Linux vendors.

Citrus Project - a i18n framework towards BSD systems.

Omega Project - multi-lingual type-setting system based on Tex.

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